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Gitex Future Stars

812 October 2017 / Dubai World Trade Centre



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  • As time passes and generations age, wants and needs evolve, and target markets shift. This means that leaders across all industries have to adapt to changing clientele and mobile app design is certainly no exception. Designers need to have this in the back of their minds, otherwise their products risk failure. Currently, marketers across the globe are trying to figure out ways to reach millennials — the large group of people born (roughly) between 1980 and 2000. They were named such because they were the first generation of people to come of age in the new millennium. They weren’t necessarily born with computers, but their lives have been heavily impacted by them.Millennials are often criticised for having their heads constantly buried in mobile devices.

  • Facebook might be cooking up an advanced modular device which features a phone, a speaker, GPS support, a touch display, and a microphone, as per a recent patent application. Modular hardware allows users to swap out different pieces to enable functions like a camera or a battery pack.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions market in the GCC region is poised for solid growth and is likely to be worth $11 billion over the next eight years, said an industry expert.


Press Releases

Press Releases

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