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Gitex Future Stars

812 October 2017 / Dubai World Trade Centre

For Startups

For StartUps

Right place, right time, right people. What are you waiting for?

The world's most future-forward city, Dubai is rocketing up the innovation charts and gaining world-wide attention for implementing some ultra-cool technology that is leaving others behind in the innovation race.

This is driving global  incubators, accelerators, governments and big tech businesses to Dubai and they are looking to startups in Dubai as THE drivers of technology for the future. The stakes are high and with $3tr in sovereign wealth funding alone you quite literally can't afford to miss it. 

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  • The setup was fantastic and the opportunities to network were hugely beneficial
    Tanaz Dizadjki
    Founder and CEO, insydo

The Pod

Welcome to your new home.

The self-contained pods are beautifully designed to use minimal space effectively. With built in furniture, high-impact display signs, concealed tables in a modern design. 

Whats Included

Included in the basic pod is:

Furniture, lighting, electrics, carpet, signage, branding space, WIFI

The FREE Extras

The marketing power pack is worth over $1000 and includes all promo essentials.

Your online exhibitor profile to tell the world about your business.

The Cost

Prices for an all inclusive pod start from just US$1,650.00.

There are space only options available as well, please speak to the team for more details. 

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The $3tr business opportunity

Regardless of your stage of business, governments here have incredible funds available for tech development and they will all be at the event. The question is, will they be investing in you?

• $815mn was invested in MENA startups in 2016 and
an eye-watering US$4bn a year has been committed
to innovation projects investment in the UAE alone.

• With $2tr in assets, Saudi Arabia is an investment
powerhouse, using innovation to drive the economy
forward as part of Vision 2030

• As of 2016, Kuwait has investment assets of over
$500bn ready for new business.

• Mumtalakat, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund is
valued in excess of $11bn.

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Dubai - Believe the hype. 

You've heard about it, read about it, probably seen the pictures. We're biased, but Dubai is an amazing city to be in. But, did you know? 

1. Dubai's 2.7m people population is 85% expat - it's the world in 1 city. The average expat age is 27.

2. Tech is the new black gold: Oil accounts for less than 5% of Dubai's revenue. 

3. 14.9m people visited Dubai in the last year alone. Its a major tourism destination.

4. 1/3 of the world's population is within a 4hr flight of Dubai which is why it's a major meeting point for East and West. 

5. The United Arab Emirates want to build the first city on Mars by 2117. 

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