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Gitex Future Stars

1417 October 2018 / Dubai World Trade Centre

Supernova FAQ

What's the deadline to enter?

No entries will be accepted after the 8th September 2018. 

Am I guaranteed to pitch?

No, only semi-finalists selected by our judges will be able to pitch at the event.

How many people will I be pitching to?

You will be pitching to a panel of between 5-7 investors, CVC's and business buyers. 

How long will I have to pitch for?

You have 3 minutes to pitch. 

How will the winners and finalists be chosen?

The finalists are chosen by the judges of your category and this is the same for the winners. Their decision is final. 

Will I be able to use my pitch deck?

Yes! We will clarify the specifications of applications closer to event in 2018.

Will I get to pitch on the main stage?

Only the finalists pitches will be held on the main stage.

How many team members can be on the stage?

Only 1. So put your best speaker forward.

Can I pitch if I am not exhibiting at GITEX Future Stars?

No, only exhibitors can participate. If you want to book, you can get your pod here.

What happens if i win?

Firstly - congrats. Secondly, you'll be swept up into a photo opportunity with our media. You'll have your picture taken with the judges on stage, mentioned in all marketing and be asked for a quote so we can tell the world how fantastic you feel.

Like the Oscars, there won't be too much time for long acceptance speeches. So keep that in mind. 

The money. What do I leave with?

Whilst a giant cheque is great for the pictures, this isn't overly practical in your actual bank. We'll swap this instead for a cheque you can actually take to the bank. The prize money is awarded in USD and we can not accept any costs incurred for currency fluctuations 

Can I use a video presentation in my pitch?

Yes, you can embed a video into your pitch presentation. However, we recommend you to keep it less than a minute and please bring the video file with you in a separate USB. 

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For more information about GITEX Future Stars, please contact us at: +971 4 306 4509 or for any general questions, please email 

NOTE: Your admission to GITEX Future Stars does not include entry into GITEX Technology Week.

- The Sales team

- The Marketing team

- The Conference team

- The Investor Program team

Show Dates & Times
Sunday 14 October: 13.00-19.00
Monday 15 October: 11.00 - 19.00
Tuesday 16 October: 11.00 - 19.00
Wednesday 17 October 11.00 - 17.00


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