12 Apr 2020

MBRIF helps startups readjust and grow amidst turbulent times

MBRIF helps startups readjust and grow amidst turbulent times

To help their members navigate today’s turbulent global situation, in a matter of days, Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fun (MBRIF) started service delivery sessions with their members virtually, where they closely worked with them on conducting remote customer discovery sessions, exploring new options for their Value Proposition, connecting them to EY SMRs for relevant market insights, reviewing their Business Model and optimizing their financial profiles.

MBRIF’s goal was to show their members and their community that this crisis is an opportunity for all those who can quickly adapt their value proposition to match the new market demands and a good number of their members may have just unlocked new markets even amidst the growing pandemic situation.

Last month they hosted their MBRIF Pitching Masterclass in addition to their monthly Drop-In-Series where startups got the chance to practice their pitching skills and get on-the-spot feedback from their coaches and experts; additionally, they had an increased focus on their investment program, MBRIF Guarantee Scheme where they highlighted how our unique financial tool can benefit startups.

In addition, they kicked off their digital campaign #fall7stand8 derived from Japanese proverb “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” which offers optimism and inspires their community of innovators to be resilient and focus on their ultimate goals.

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