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By 2050, more than two-thirds of the planet’s population will live in cities. Investments in smart cities to support community resilience is one of the most important outcomes of the crisis.

How are City Authorities addressing the ongoing challenges, the economic repercussions and the long-term implications for planning in a post-pandemic world? How AI, 5G, IoT, Quantum and other tech advances being harnessed in areas such as smart urban design, sustainable transport and logistics, clean energy and utilities, urban health and resilience, among others?

As the world has changed in 2020 the dependence on network speed, capacity and security has never been greater. Network vendors, mobile operators, and governments are working together to best meet the needs from nations, industries, and consumers with 5G. The expectations on 5G are huge, from consumer electronics and entertainment with VR gaming to powering Industry 4.0 applications enhancing businesses, public services and infrastructure.

Hear how 5G is being leveraged across sectors to boost competitiveness and how to secure real first mover advantage.


 Smart Cities & 5G Speakers

Smart Cities & 5G is a critical enabler for:

Smart Cities & 5G is a critical enabler for:

AI & IoT, AI and Big Data Analytics, 5G smart networks & city services, big data and block chain, Quantum AI, Robotics, Smart city governance.

Key Themes:

Key Themes:

Key Themes: AI, IoT & citizen engagement, smart city infrastructure & 5G, city surveillance & bigtech regulation, circular economy transition, quantum AI & city readiness, city resilience, integrated city transport
Smart Cities & 5G  track is made for:

Smart Cities & 5G  track is made for:

- Government/Ministries
- City Municipal Authorities
- Telecom, Transportation, Real estate, Environment, Utility
- Investors, Startups, Architects, Banks and Financial Institutions, Solution Providers, Research & Academia

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