Co-creating sensible urbanism

Data driven utopia is happening here and now, and all with collaboration of Smartciti Zens. For decades, governments across the world have tried to develop smart cities alone without much result, however today's smart cities are getting communities, tech companies and city authorities involved. Smartciti Zens are at the core of this initiative, after all, cities are not just buildings or smart grids, they are people dreaming of a better life. Smarticiti Zens aims to find solutions to pressing issues in a smart city through perspective of citizens who are at the epicentre of a smart city.

- Find out how a techhotbed Shenzen city with a population of 10 million, originally a fishing village has over the past 30 years transformed itself into China's no 1 smart city ?

- Attention Startups: Find out what are the four common mistakes to avoid when going global? 

- Understand how robust deployment requires new approaches from municipal leaders and local communities

- Deep Dive into used case studies of real-life application of AI projects

- Hear from the World’s No 1 ranked Company on Smart City Index about how you can use streetlights to unlock your smart city potential



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