Earlier this year, we woke to the world stood still in unison. COVID-19 changed everything, and created a new reality for all to discover. From the myriad adjustments we’ve all made to manage from home, working-parents turned teachers, to the economic impact – our world was shook.

For those at the helm of a startup business, they have the added stress of trying to keep their companies afloat, and their teams feel supported and engaged.  We’ve seen the startup community rise up, taking action to help others and governments acting faster than ever to implement effective policies.

With a global economic value of nearly $3 trillion, a figure larger than the GDP of  G20 members UK, France or Brazil, the startup economy has proven their outsized worth. There has never has there been a time more prevalent than now, the urgency fiercer, for this global community to work together to shape their new reality.


Startup Speakers

Startups Track is a critical enabler for:

Startups Track is a critical enabler for:

  • Strategy 
  • Culture 
  • Teams
  • Product Development 
  • Go-To-Market 
  • Scaling 
  • Risk 
  • Pivot
  • Policy 
  • Funding 
  • Mental Health 
  • Recovery
  • Mentorship 
Key Themes:

Key Themes:

  • Government policy and support
  • VC investment 
  • Alternative investment strategies 
  • High risk investment 
  • Rebound and recovery 
  • Bully investors
  • Innovative inventions
  • Resilience 
  • Scale-up ceilings
  • Bootstrapping spirit
  • Pivoting to survive
  • Creativity in business
  • Future of work 
  • Mental health for entrepreneurs 
  • Founders, not CEOs
Startups Track is made for:

Startups Track is made for:

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Founders 
  • CXOs
  • Product Developers 
  • Marketing & Sales Execs
  • Growth Execs
  • Accelerators 
  • Investors 
  • Policy-makers 
  • Incubators 
  • Mentors 

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17-20 Oct 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre

17-20 Oct: 10 AM - 5 PM