Exhibitor Brochures - 2018

  • PrecisionGx - Brochure

    14 Oct 2018 Chinmay Joshi

    PrecisionGx Brochure

  • Brochure

    13 Oct 2018
  • Ustad Mobile

    Benita Rowe
  • ucheck online survey

    13 Oct 2018 Mostafa Hessami

    an online survey platform which optimizes suveys, augments their reliablity and fluency, and provides accurate analyses of cunsumers' needs

  • Collect international payments with ease

    12 Oct 2018 Sandeep Todi
  • ideaForge Brochure

    12 Oct 2018
  • It is an app showing: Qibla Direction (of User’s Location); Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prayer Times, Nearby Mosques. 

  • HypoTour Catalog

    11 Oct 2018 AFRA Smart House

    HypoTour is our international service for producing infrastructure and content for Virtual Tourism.

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