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Gitex Future Stars

1417 October 2018 / Dubai World Trade Centre

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • Nawatt has just released its latest innovative product sMirror in a series of cutting edge offerings and solutions geared toward the hospitality industry, sMirror is set to revolutionize the guest experience in a simple, surprising and creative way. The R&D team at Nawatt came up with the idea of adding a simple Linux based circuit board connected to an OLED screen neatly hidden inside a desk or full-length mirror. It can be installed in guestrooms and is connected through the hotel WiFi network to a central management system. Once the unsuspecting guest stands in-front of the mirror, it automatically detects her presence and turns on the screen displaying a myriad of interesting material such as the local weather information, any events in the vicinity, offers and promotions by the hotel and even ads of interest to the guests.

  • Five fingers have never been equal, every child has and would always be unique, the fact that your child is failing in his current academicals does not make him or her a failure, We approach every chi ...
  • Hey Witi, The Worlds Local Search

    07 Oct 2017 Lionel Lobo

    Hey Witi is all about your immediate world.

    Hey Witi is a new mobile app designed as a search engine to add more precision at the local level. It is for everyone who is looking for something. It can also be a wonderful tool for tourists or visitors to help them in their shopping and in exploring a city's entertainment and adventure opportunities.

    Hey Witi also adds social support to share businesses products and services to gain new customers or connect with already customers.

  • Leam Technology Systems

    08 Oct 2017 Mohamed Al Zubaidi

    Leam Technology Systems is a startup that aims at developing sophisticated systems that will assist businesses, institutions and the public, in providing services with utmost effectivness. Leam’s vision is to support the public by providing technological solutions that deliver ease and convenience to everyday errands.

  • Flight Baggage Check-in using car boot
  • Bagel Square is a versatile dimensioning tool that combines a digital tape measure and a laser distance meter. Its five-meter-long metal tape pulls out just like any tape measure does, but with a widescreen digital display that reads the measurement for you. When that’s not enough, you can simply flick into laser mode and measure space up to thirty meters. But to truly capture space, size is not enough. Bagel Square utilizes its 9-axis motion sensor to analyze the direction of each measurement and record it as a vector. And of course, it connects seamlessly to its mobile app where you can view and share your dimensions as well as directions.

  • Airgloss is an high tech startup dedicated to HVAC, Gas Sensing and Indoor Air Quality monitoring, coming from space to operate in the Smart Home and Building Automation fields. Indeed, we have developed sensor for NASA for safety and health of the astronauts on ISS and now we are ready to propose the same solution to industrial, commercial and residential markets. We will be landing at GITEX 2017 in Dubai this October, the world's fastest growing technology hub, where we will be presenting our products for the first time to the UAE market

  • This year Developers Plus Company is participating in GITEX conference, which will include many new, updated products and services that have been improved and added to satisfy their customers.

  • B2C Communication Software

    26 Jul 2017 Khosro Kalbasi
    A local startup, Retain, has begun offering services to local online businesses, including live chat, customer management, and online customer support. In an interview with Financial Tribune, entrepre ...
  • Press Cherpa

    06 Oct 2017
    Fact Sheet Developer: Cherpa Founding Date: March, 2017 Website: Press/Business Contact: Social: Facebook l Instagram l LinkedIn Releases: Phase One of the ...

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