Exhibitor Products - 2018

  • Service: Security Operation Center (SOC) for SCADA

    14 Oct 2018 Steppa for Intelligence and Cyber Security in Real-time
  • Service: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

    14 Oct 2018 Steppa for Intelligence and Cyber Security in Real-time
  • Awtomart

    13 Oct 2018 Hexalabs

    AwtoMart is an intelligent vehicle diagnostics and resolution platform that uses predictive analytics on realtime car data to pre-empt vehicle breakdown, alerts the driver for (non)critical issues, while presenting a full range of parts & service options to resolve them.


  • ucheck standing kiosk

    13 Oct 2018 Mostafa Hessami
  • ucheck survey desktop & wall kiosk

    13 Oct 2018 Mostafa Hessami
  • ucheck online survey

    13 Oct 2018 Mostafa Hessami

    an online survey platform which optimizes suveys, augments their reliablity and fluency, and provides accurate analyses of cunsumers' needs

  • REMITR Global Pay

    12 Oct 2018 Sandeep Todi

    Send payments internationally to your suppliers and contractors without depending on bank wire. 

  • REMITR Collect

    12 Oct 2018 Sandeep Todi

    REMITR Collect lets you instantly receive payments from customers directly into your own REMITR Global Collect Account, without depending on bank wire transfer

  • 3Dinova provides an online platform of lessons to incorporate 3D Design and printing into the classroom. With a wide range of lessons focused on targeted subjects, videos and step by step guides in english and arabic. You can also download and 3D print.

  • Our 3D printing workshops are hands on and bring more fun into the world of design, and helps nourish the creativity and inventiveness of young minds by allowing them to learn about the different aspects of 3D printing such as the different methods, materials, and the numerous applications where 3D printing can be utilized.

  • Switch Hybrid

    12 Oct 2018 ideaForge

    Switch Hybrid is a revolutionary fixed wing hybrid UAV built to exceed customer expectations with an unbeatable flight time of over 2 hours with a class leading area of operation. It is the world`s most customisable fixed wing UAV.

    The Switch Hybrid’s class-leading performance ensures that Border Security and Linear Asset Mapping can be taken to new heights.

  • Netra Pro

    12 Oct 2018 ideaForge

    Netra Pro is the most versatile UAV with supply drop capability. It can used in demanding consitions as it is rugged & IP53 ingress certified. It is also highly reliable because it has multiple fail safes in other words reduncies such as GPS, rotor systems. It is also very versatile as it supports exotic payload combination such as simultaneous day and night cameras, LiDAR, multispectral cameras & supply drops.

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