Exhibitor Videos - 2018

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  • BIMMUNITY Overview

    11 Oct 2018 BIMMUNITY

    Overview of BIMMUNITY Smart Building Management Solution


    10 Oct 2018 BIMMUNITY
    BIMMUNITY is a cloud-based application that incorporates data related to the efficient management of properties, facilities and assets, using advanced building information modeling (BIM) and geographi ...
  • THRIVE is a leading health-tech startup based in Dubai with a mission of promoting proactive health behavior starting by attacking the problem of reach out for medical assistance and taking it down th ...
  • See how BlocRecs uses blockchain technology to render university degree validation an efficient and secure process. 

  • BlinkApp

    25 Sep 2018 BlinkApp
    Describing application features and potential markets
  • BRAQ Aerospace LLC

    19 Sep 2018 Saeid A alzahrani

    The CEO & Founder of BRAQ Aerospace LLC introduces his startup R&D work which is related to state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) patented at the USPTO. 

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