Exhibitor Videos - 2018

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  • Fighting Epic Traffic Jams With Two Wheels

    22 May 2018 Great Big Story

    Fighting Epic Traffic Jams With Two Wheels

  • Felexa is a social network which aims at enhancing tourism and travel in Iran. It connects tourists from all around the world to local guides in Iran. 

  • Fleek - Beauty bookings made simple

    30 Sep 2018 Fleek Commerical
  • Free Consultation with Experts for GFS visitors

    16 Oct 2018 Smacon Technologies

    SMACON Empowering  Online sales  - free consultation service for GFS visitors for a week. 

  • Food vision api

    25 Sep 2018 Arun Ravi

    Food Vision API is the world's first dedicated computer vision API for recognising and understanding food items

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