Exhibitor Videos - 2018

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  • Introducing Mind AI

    05 Oct 2018 Mind.AI

    Mind AI is a revolutionary, internationally patented artificial intelligence engine that is able to contextualize every piece of information and perform deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning.

  • InAuth

    04 Oct 2018 AIME

    AIME is a division of GDI that focuses on improving organizations through the adoption AI and next generation technology. We are proud to represent our partner, InAuth, in the region.

  • Inforich Technology

    26 Sep 2018 Nishant
    Innovative healthcare Informatics company to manage medical records for clinics,hospitals and Governments using latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain support.
  • Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics Platform EGL-i can detect faces ,people and objects  A key EGL-i module that is showcased in the video is attire detection; this finds applications in fac ...
  • INNSYS International Corporate Profile

    26 Sep 2018 INNSYS International SPC

     INNSYS International SPC provides technology solutions that enable organizations to KNOW, REACH, ENGAGE & INTERACT WITH AND RETAIN their customers implementing with “Unique Customer Experience”

  • Intro to NOW Money

    01 Jan 2017
  • iB Cricket | A New Format of Cricket | vSport

    20 Sep 2018 Mayuukha PTE Ltd
    Catch a glimpse of the World’s Most Immersive Virtual Reality Cricket.

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