Exhibitor Videos - 2018

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  • A brief introduction to how Mind AI uses 'canonicals' to perform human-like reasoning.

  • Microblink

    04 Oct 2018 AIME

    AIME is a division of GDI that focuses on improving organizations through the adoption AI and next generation technology. We are proud to represent our partner, Microblink, in the region.

  • Muslim Assistant is an app showing: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prayer Times, Qibla Direction, Mosques nearby.

  • Magalix Overview

  • Mint Basil Market Demo Video

    30 Sep 2018 Vanessa Zuabi
    Demo of Mint Basil Market website and customer experience
  • Menulity - AR Menu

    25 Sep 2018 menulity.com

    Menulity allows you to display and review the dishes served in restaurants, cafes and hotels via mobile devices with Augmented Reality technology

  • A happy client sharing his feedback for MobiCommerce Solution

  • MobiCommerce’s Multi-vendor Marketplace Software Solution to leverage multi-fold growth to your business be it Hyperlocal or Generic, Retail or Wholesale, Rental or Booking or on-demand services. 

  • Manibon Loyalty Club

    Alireza Rafati

    Manibon Loyalty Club

Official and Exclusive Innovation Partner