Exhibitor Videos - 2018

  • Domineum Video

    08 Oct 2018 Blake Sanders

    The Domineum Service Network is a federated blockchain, operated by government agencies, financial institutions, relevant real estate actors

  • Pith Video From off-k.com

    08 Oct 2018 Aliyu Bello Aliyu

    At off-k.com we help students conviniently locate hostel accomodation.

  • Arone

    08 Oct 2018 Arone

    Arone rents out fleets of autonomous delivery drones to medical supplies distribution centres to provide a faster delivery of vital medical products to neighbouring rural clinics.



  • Clootrack

    Discover Your Customer Perceptions Real Time

  • Promotional VIdeo

  • Demo of the practice mode

  • What is Ranam?

    Baraa Koshak
  • Retail Intelligent Technology

    07 Oct 2018 Christina Dills

    We are your tailored managed service for the future of In-Store Shopping.

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