4S Mapper

Hall: Za'abeel Hall 5 Stand: D5-6
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4S Mapper

4S Mapper is specialized in spatial information-based image processing (artificial satellite, aviation, and drones) and AI-based image analysis.


#404, 4F, HQ, Seoul Startup Hub
21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil
Korea, Republic of
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  • 2-1. DTM ML 
    : Using Drone & Machine Learning can shoot all lanes/both directions on roads, overcome the limitation of a lane-by- lane data acquisition of existing equipment and assess effectively road surface condition.

    2-2. DTM AI 
    : Combining drone/AI/Big Data makes it possible to estimate states of diverse facilities and through this, it is able to build a state-based management optimization system and integrate with and connect to existing systems.

  • 1-1. DaaS Pano 
    : Full 360 degrees panorama video taken by a drone will be auto processed (pixelate, color correction, etc.) on the cloud platform and be automatically sent to your mobile devices/ computer as an HTML5-based result.

    1-2. DaaS 3D 
    : 3D geography, made of a drone video with the purpose of 3D-geospatial-information-generation, which is auto processed on the cloud platform, can be used for various assessment of geography and facilities and offers various analysis results as a report.

  • we developed an algorithm that removes vehicles on the road by using image processing and deep learning techniques, rather than providing simple road images. As a result, we provide services that show the status of cracks and potholes on the road that were hidden beneath vehicles by removing cars on the road.


  • 4S Mapper

    04 Sep 2019 LEE Seungho (Stefano)
  • 4S Mapper is specialized in spatial information-based image-processing (artificial satellite, aviation, and drones) and AI-based image analysis.


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