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  • Biattic

    Stand: E66
    Biattic is a biotech company who provides solutions of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease, aiming to develop detection kits for various disease, to provide patient-specific services, and t ...
  • Bimmunity

    Stand: J9
    BIMMUNITY aims to empower all parties concerned with the efficient management of properties, facilities, assets, and resources in the built environment
  • Bioniks.org

    Stand: V29
    Bioniks is providing robotics-based prosthesis for all those who have been suffering from upper limb amputation, having no convenient solution. Bioniks believe in providing more functional, low-cost u ...
  • Bistox is an advanced semi-decentralized exchange that incorporates with NEM blockchain platform, world’s most innovative private blockchain as a main structure chain. We are committed to build a perf ...
  • Digital transformation requires people first approach. We put people back in the driving seat in digital era. Our tools are created for people, use big data and analytics to make better decisions, imp ...
  • BlinkApp

    Stand: E29
    We are providing an automatic accident detection and notification system that allows friends, family and emergency units to respond to car crashes immediately and appropriately by notifying them once ...
  • Blockcluster

    Stand: F22
    Blockcluster is a Blockchain Management System(BMS) that helps Enterprises, SMEs, Startups and Freelancers by automating essential tasks required for any blockchain use case and create any Blockchain ...
  • BlocRecs

    Stand: B4
    BlocRecs is a blockchain-powered platform that allows employers to instantly validate the educational records of job candidates. We help HR and universities save time and money while eliminating degre ...
  • Bluevisor

    Stand: K16
    To prepare our grand journey to AI Bank, for its very first step, AI-FinTech BlueVisor developed AI Financial Advisor 'HighBuff' and verified by Korean financial regulator with highest rates (12-16% n ...
  • Constantly empowering communities for a healthier and happier tomorrow with a unique set of tools to monitor health, prevent serious illnesses & provide data on usage.
  • BookedHappy

    Stand: H21
  • Borna

    Stand: E50
    We are an agile company that has created an online platform named Ucheck for conducting digital surveys. Our mission is to develop the culture of using surveys to enhance the quality of services.
  • BorrowBlob

    Stand: K8
    BorrowBlob welcomes you! We are an online rental/sharing marketplace, a platform where users can rent/share items or services with one another! BorrowBlob is a platform where users can earn some extra ...
  • BotCommander

    Stand: E33
    We are specialized in artificial intelligence solutions, some of our products are: StorePlus: smart chatbot and AI solution for e-commerce businesses. Poundy: Check currencies exchange rates by just s ...

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