06 Oct 2019
NXG Stage, Za'abeel Hall 5
NXG – Next Generation

Driven by the rise of megacities and the way technology has reinvented ownership, fuel and power, developments within in mobility are having major effects on your clients. To create the products and services people really want in mobility and beyond,  we’re setting out alongside a global automotive group to learn what motivates people’s transport-related decisions in particular environments. Other mobility studies often focus on technology, or concepts for mobility, like autonomous vehicles, however this is limiting because it narrows your view into what’s possible, and what people truly need and want. We’ve found that different citizens have wildly varying mindsets, which appear in almost every country, this is powerful for understanding how we should design solutions for them. The key to designing what people need is in understanding what they think about, and what they care about.

Thomas Mueller, Europe General Manager - Fjord/Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive

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