GITEX Showdown Debate: Is E-Mobility a Potential Threat to the Environment?

07 Oct 2019
Future Mobility Conference, Sheikh Maktoum Hall
Future Mobility

Is treating electric vehicles as a saviour of the planet wishful thinking? Some claim it will do more harm than good. Capturing the full environmental impact of electric cars requires a complete lifecycle analysis taking all aspects into account: from pollution caused by battery production, to sourcing and recycling rare earth metals, to the conditions where the vehicles will be operating. Are the batteries charged using coal and/or hydrocarbons, and what is their efficiency in extreme climates? This debate addresses the elephant in the room to move beyond green-washing and find answers to how e-mobility delivers on its promise of being the better environmental option.

Akin Adamson, Director Middle East - Ricardo Energy and Environment
Lars Petter Maltby, CTO & Managing Director - Eyde Innovation Center, Eyde Cluster
Dr. Christoph Nedopil Wang, Director, Green Belt & Road Initiative , Sr Research Fellow, CUFE
Jelani Aliyu , Director General - Nigerian Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC)

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