Hyper-personalization: Startup Trend in Personalized Marketing

09 Oct 2019
Hall 1
Tech Talks

Hyper-personalization is one of trendiest growth-hacking strategies as more startups are moving towards more customer-centric models. This takes personalized marketing to a whole new level with a higher degree of targeting potential and specific customers. Hyper-personilaztion campaigns uses browsing, location, and behavioral data from multiple channels to tailor content advertised to each user. 

 Panelists will discuss how gathering and analyzing more data can lead to companies maximizing opportunities by tailoring content that matches each customer’s demands

Jad Hindy, CEO - MRM MCCann
Aradhya Malhotra, Founding Member - Skyless Games
Ali Kafil, Group Project Leader - Boston Consulting
Amol Kadam, Co-founder - RBBI

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