Impact of 3D Printing : Finding More Ways of Making a Better Product

10 Oct 2019
Hall 1
Tech Talks

The introduction of 3D printing has had a huge impact on the world. Not only does it make it easier to manufacture products, it has also made it easier to personalise the products to suit individual needs. Saving the environment, making healthcare affordable, creating cheap but sturdy housing and preserving historical artifacts are just a few of the current uses of 3D printing. As technology evolves, 3D printing is sure to find its way into other important fields. 

The panelists will discuss how 3D printing continues to change the world around us and elaborate on its present-day purpose in major industries. 

Matt Karau, Asst. Professor - NYU
Ashish Panjabi, COO - Jackys
Simone Majocci, Business Developement - 3D Wasp

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