Why STEM is Dope

08 Oct 2019
NXG Stage, Za'abeel Hall 5
NXG – Next Generation

Justin Shaifer, science educator and communicator, and Executive Director of Fascinate, Inc. is on a mission to attract more underrepresented students to STEM careers. In order to do so, Shaifer has launched an engaging STEM outreach program on wheels called the Magic Cool Bus, designed to take cool, cutting-edge gadget technology, such as 3D printers, drones, ?and body fat percentage calculators directly to underrepresented schools across the nation. This type of outreach brings emerging technology to minority students across the country for STEM engagement, motivation and mentoring. In his continuing quest to make STEM cool, Justin has also created the animated series Hood Science.

Justin Shafer, Fascinate Inc. & Host - Escape Lab - Twitch

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