Women in AI: How does a gender diversity bring value to AI deployment?

06 Dec 2020
Blue Stage - Sheikh Maktoum Hall
Artificial Intelligence

Future societies will be directly proportional to the diversity and inclusivity they represent. Cutting across gender, religion, community, language and beliefs, can data sets be programmed to bring more value?

•Bias: Isnt it upto people and not machines to remove bias?

•Ethics: Social economic impact of writing algorithms in the correct way

•Singularity: How do you smash through gender barriers?

Yasmin Al Enazi, Director, Projects and Customer Happiness & Mechatronics Engineer    - DG World (UAE)
Andrea Gallego, Managing Director and Partner - Boston Consulting Group (USA)
Arunima Sarkar, Artificial Intelligence Lead - Center for Fourth Industrial Revolution (India)
Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi, President - Emirates Digital Association for Women (UAE)

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