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Stroll through Italy’s most promising startups featuring some big global breakthroughs covering Smart
Farming, Blockchain for Real Estate and IoT projects for molecular diagnostics in Healthcare.

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GENERMA IS A COMPANY WITH A HIGH TECHNOLOGICAL CONTENT included on the register of innovative startups in the Chamber of Commerce in Fermo, focusing completely to the development of green renewable energy converters.

The partners constituting Generma all come from the field of industrial mechanics, with many years of experience and considerable background in the subject.
Having been set up from an idea of its three founders, the company has embarked on the mission to develop a form of renewable green energy, highly competitive and offering substantial economic return, giving priority to the idea of completely green production, which safeguards the environment without further exploitation of its scarce resources

// Environmental & Social Impact



Kobra was born from the collaboration with Triride, an Italian company that produces electric devices for people with disabilities. That’s where our electronics, mechanics and technology originates and it’s designed to guarantee extreme safety and great performances.

10 years of hard work to reach surprising results, answering to the mobility needs of a community that counts on more than 15000 people in the world.

The technology of Kobra is especially designed to guarantee a driving experience that never ends. E-ABS assistance, combined with the exclusive Adaptive Cruise Control, brings you wherever you want.

// Mobility



HCOMM ME is a spin off of the Hsign Srl, an interior design & architecture company founded in Italy about 40 years ago: the Hcomm Multisensorial/Multimedia Rooms are the culmination of 12 years of research about the interaction between man and living space.  Our dream was to create a space able to adapt to the needs of the inhabitants by supporting them emotionally, psychologically and physically in their daily activities - “The Fluid Space”. HCOMM has developed products and services that support the changes accelerated by the ongoing pandemic and respond to the new needs of the market. In the HCOMM immersive multimedia/multisensory rooms, 4 senses (auditory, visual, olfactory, touch) are involved through environmental stimulations, designed by our team of psychologists, neurologists and hypnotists. Users will be able to easily manage audio, video, smells, climate, light, frequency system and scenic effects by creating the desired environment, or they will choose multisensory scenarios, wellness programs and many others, already available on the services platform.  HCOMM solutions are fully bespoken on customer requests and can be integrated into any existing living space, and specializes in design spaces for home, business, entertainment, events and wellness centers. HCOMM is also designed for immersive art experience.

// Immersive Tech



RnB4Culture, part of the RnBGate group, is a dynamic startup with a high social value that applies the most innovative technologies of ArtTech to the promotion and enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage. We want to redesign how people experience culture by combining research and technology with the historical and cultural riches of the area. We believe in the multidisciplinary nature of our team as an added value to technological innovation, in order to make cultural heritage accessible and usable to an ever-increasing number of people, through the construction of unforgettable experiences.

// Software



Solutions for Smart City Townet specializes in the production of telecommunication equipment, energy systems and sensors ideal for Smart Cities projects. We offer consultancy services for the design and technical support to system integrators to create corporate systems, for multiservices and public administrations.

// Smart cities / IoT

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