Meet the Gen Z’s taking over the world

Meet the Gen Z's taking over the world
NXG Programme

New kids on the block

Win over the cool new crowd

Generation Z is at the forefront of the digital economy worldwide, with several screens and platforms at their disposal and a global buying power of US$ 44 billion. They are quick to adopt new technologies, forsaking traditional media and early adopters of ad-blocking software. Where does this leave businesses and marketers?

Our NXG programme will unpack global research, statistics, generational ethic issues, as well as teachings from the world’s most successful Gen Z’ers to date.

Some Of The Top NXG Speakers



  • How to make the workplace ready for Gen Z

  • Learn a new set of behaviours, expectations and preferences

  • Understanding and selling to Gen Z’ers from researchers, and Gen Z’ers

  • Hear how to use content to capture Gen Z’ers attention from the most successful campaigns

  • Decode Gen Z in real time – How to speak Gen Z

  • The role of the education system for next gen

Can’t wait to hear the voice of the new generation?

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