12 Apr 2019

Cloud&Heat Wins the Most Important Prize in the Industry - Repeating its Success for the Third Time

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH Hall: ZAB5 Stand: G19

Dresden, April 12, 2019. Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, provider of secure and energy-efficient Cloud solutions, repeated its successes from 2015 and 2016 yesterday evening, making it a three-time winner of the German Data Center Prize, the most important award in the industry. The winning entry was awarded in the category "Resource-efficient Data Centers“ for a software solution that enables energy-optimization within data center federations (DC Networks). Cloud&Heat also won second place in the category "DC Climate Control and Cooling“ with the newest generation of their Container Data Center.

The increasing digitalization of our world not only creates huge amounts of data, but also devours resources. Experts predict that by 2025 the energy consumption of data centers will rise to 20 percent of the total global energy consumption. This places enormous technological and ecological challenges on society. While the energy revolution offers new solutions with renewable resources, these resources also bring volatility into the energy market. This too requires new answers from the industry.

Energy optimization of individual data centers will soon have met its physical limits, so the Dresden-based business Cloud&Heat Technologies answered this challenge with the development of an innovative software solution. This solution allows loads within data center networks to be fully automated and intelligently distributed to locations where they make the most sense from an energetic perspective, thus enabling for the first time ever a cross-site energy optimization.

“We see computing capacity as an energy carrier that can transport energy over long stretches quicker and much more easily than both electricity and district heating. Our solution turns data centers into flexible energy consumers. This puts us and our customers in a position to compensate for the volatility brought into power generation and supply by renewable energies,“ says Matthias Goerens, Architect and Project Manager of Cloud Infrastructure at Cloud&Heat. One special feature of the system is the active involvement of energy suppliers, for which data centers can become virtual power plants. The distribution of applications can be carried out according to various metrics, for example according to transmission rate, electricity price, and heat demand at the different locations.

In the category "DC Climate Control and Cooling,“ the jury also awarded Cloud&Heat second prize for its newest generation of container data centers, the "DCnextGen“. These are mobile, secure, 100 percent water-cooled, high power density data centers (input power up to 500 kW) that are able to reuse their waste heat for maximum energy efficiency. Built on the basis of standard containers, the data centers are suitable for location independent use. 

"We are very happy and proud to have convinced the jury of the German Data Center Prize of our business and products once again, repeating our successes in 2015 and 2016, this time for both a hardware solution and a software solution. This also makes us an interesting partner for all energy providers worldwide and further expands our pioneering role in the field of sustainable data centers and infrastructures,“ says Nicolas Roehrs, CEO of Cloud&Heat. 


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