01 Oct 2018

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Thinking beyond the box:
an interview with Evno
founder Ahmed Alsendi

B Entrepreneur Magazine talked to Evno founder Ahmed Alsendi to discover his inspiration behind his innovative startup -Evno.

Please tell us about EvNo and what inspired you to create the business?
When I started entrepreneurship, I realized that I had to go to several different sites in order to check out events in Bahrain. I didn’t realize it, but I was starting miss events that I wanted to go to because there’s not one single space that tells you about this events.
This is where the idea for EvNo came about. I wanted to create a single platform that allows people to link up to and discover great events within
the city.

How does Evno differentiate itself from the other event platforms currently in the marketplace?
Evno is basically a single platform that allows multiple entities to discover, manage and organize events. For example, if you’re a person who’s tired of the same old events, or you’re new to the city, Evno hooks you up with different events and gives notification of upcoming events.
If you’re an event organizer, the app helps you to prepare an event website, brochures, and name badges. It allows you to check in attendees, keep them updated about event changes, give out notifications to prospective attendees and much more. You can say, it’s an all-around event platform.

How do you plan to scale the business?
We want to establish linkages with big companies like Brinc Batelco IOT Hub (which we have already done), and also the University of Bahrain—to help them with their events. In this way, we aim to get experience and
traction and inshallah one day, we will expand our platform to Saudi Arabia


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