19 Sep 2019

Interactive Learning Via Augmented Reality - Revolution in Nursery & School Education

Four Kings UAE Stand: Q33
Interactive Learning Via Augmented Reality - Revolution in Nursery & School Education
Interactive Learning = Effective Teaching & Learning

Four Kings is an Immersive Tech company specialized in AUGMENTED REALITY products for an interactive learning experience in NURSERY Education and SCHOOLS.  Utilizing these modern technologies, we strive to elevate education system in terms of its engagement, interaction, efficiency, and fun factor.

We at Four Kings aim to create enjoyment and spark the love of learning, especially in children since a young age, with our engaging contents. When the thirst for knowledge and improvement have come from within, we hope that it can serve as a guide for everyone to find their ultimate passion.

"Because we believe that everything can be simpler yet smarter."​

Introducing affordable Augmented Reality products for Nurseries and Schools.

Is your educational institution already equipped with Augmented reality? 

Do you really want to be a pioneer in the education industry?

Experience the "WoW" of Augmented Reality and integrate it into your Education system for effective teaching and learning.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Education".  You must think about school boring lessons, endless homework’s and super think textbooks.  And did you know that our brain can only observe 10% of what we hear, 5% of what we see and 85% of what we actually do.  So, what is the perfect combination of activities that will spark interest in learning especially for children.

So, we have an ideal.  The key to effective learning is by making it more modern and interactively fun.  Introducing a new learning experience called 4D+, an interactive learning tool through augmented reality by creating a series of augmented reality flash cards to aid in the learning process.

Animal 4D+ is designed to engage children by introducing them to the letters of the alphabets as well as their animal representations.  Children can also feed these virtual animals.

Octaland 4+ introduces children to various occupations and interact colorful characters.  A fun and interactive way of introducing children to alphabets and various real-life occupation.

Space 4D+ introduces children to various objects of our solar system.  Take control of the mars rover, observe satellites, and embark on a space mission as children make their way to the edges of the universe.

Dinosaur 4D+ will take a journey back into a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.  Learn about various dinosaurs, and how they live in their natural habitat, visit 3D library to view their skeletal frames, find out about their fun facts and much more.

Since our 2015 initial launch more than 500 thousand people and still counting are utilizing our 4D+ products worldwide.

But our 4D+ is just the beginning, we intend to continue developing and producing better learning tools to redefine and provide immersive learning experience for everyone.

Because in Octagon Studio, we believe that everything can be SIMPLER yet SMARTER.

Fourkingsuae.com is glad to bring the Ireland based AR technology to UAE to share the best practices and bring value addition to the education industry for a sustainable future in this rapidly changing digital world.

Four kings believe in "Excellence is a race with no finish line" - a quote by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE.


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