06 Sep 2019

Komachine, the only machine industry platform

Komachine Hall: Za'abeel Hall 6 Stand: M22

The startup transforming 2.4 Trillion dollars of offline based machine industry to online, It's Komachine

The Only Online machine platform in Asia

Komachine is the only startup in Asia, transforming offline based machine industry to Online. Machine Industry is neither popular not common topic to most of the people but global machine industry generate 2.4 Trillion dollars and Korean Machine Industry generate 92 billion dollars every year, which takes 7% of total GDP. The problem? more than 99% of the machine industry are the SMEs, Old Generation, Lack of resources and manpower, and highly depended on domestic market, hence there is a big barrier between global buyers with suppliers, main reason is communication and complicated export process.


How to change 2.4 Trillion Dollars of Market to Online?

Now, Komachine aims to transform offline based machine industry information and simplify complicated export process by Online, connecting more than 10,000 machine suppliers with 150,000 global buyers by online.

We use unique upload system, designed and built for 3 years to upload millions of unorganized machine industry data to our system. 


Is It really possible to change the Machine Industry?

Komachine became the largest online machine platform in Korea, showing 5,000 DAU from 150 countries. For 2 years only the total transaction volume hit 20 million dollars with 500 customers from 45 countries, surprisingly 25% of the customers are multinational and stock listed companies and repurchase rate is upto 70%.


How Komachine survive.

We are completely bootstrapping, making around 400,000 ~ 600,000 USD of revenue every month. 2017 Revenue was 0.85 Million Dollars, 2018 Revenue 2.3 Million Dollars and we expect 5 Million USD in 2019. The Net profit range is around 10%. Major revenue is from trade transaction in terms of export and commission and 20% of the total revenue is coming from Online such as product and company registration and pagination by Big Corporate. We expect to reach 15 Million USD Revenue by 2020.


Why Komachine in Middle East?

Middle East region is the 2nd largest market for Komachine because of petrol chemical industry and shipping industry. Middle east purchase around 1~3 Billion dollars of spare parts for Plant every year, and since most of the petrol chemical plants in the middle east are built by Korean Companies, Komachine is enjoying the good market in Middle East. Especially, Komachine has 100 buyers in Dubai, 80 in Saudi Arabia and around 50 in Kuwait and other areas. 


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