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Muslim Assistant app is an app for muslims worldwide, It has many functions to remind daily islamic duties and gives the opportunity to make ibadat anytime, anywhere only with a smartphone. Muslim Assistant is attending GFS for the second time this year, knowing It is very crucial to be in the center of the supply and demand of the opportunities, in the heart of muslim community. We have new ideas to turn the app into an upper level, like a “self improvement and islamic habits app”, a lifecoach to understand a muslims need and help to achieve the goal of becoming a better muslim on their own perspective. 

We are looking for funding and mentors to take action on our plans faster. Until now, Muslim Assistant has been funded internally, but needs the support to overcome development, services and future plans costs. Big splash is so close, we know we can!




What changed from last year for Muslim Assistant app? 

In terms of growth, we were able to double our user base from 10 Million to 20 Million downloads since last year.

In terms of app development changes, now we are live with subscription model, we added new features like message editor and widgets, made updates on the design and updated the rules of ad impressions. Now, Muslim Assistant is more user - friendly and efficient.

Muslim Assistant: Islamic Self Improvement & Motivation App

A halal application for Islamic duties, supporting 20 languages, both for iOS and Android. Since 2016, successfully continuing its activities with total 1.5 million+ monthly users.

App has features like Muslim Prayer Times of any location, Qibla Finder, Quran, Dhikr Counter, Dua, Azan Alarm, Jummah (Friday) Messages, Message Editor, Mosque Finder, Islamic Calendar, Ramadan Calendar and with the Qibla Live, you can watch Kaaba for 24 hours without interruption. 

Qibla Compass of Muslim Assistant shows Mecca and Kaaba from the map, where you can easily find the direction of Qibla 100%. You can read the Quran and listen from different muezzins, read Ayat and Surah daily in your native language , use “Dhikr Counter”, learn and dhikr  “Glorious 99 names of Allah”, watch the Kaaba’s live cast, see all the duas on this mobile application. 

When you first open Muslim Assistant app, you will see the location permission screen. With the “Find My Location”, your country and city are automatically detected and prayer times (daily and monthly) are listed. Notification permission is also as important as location permission. You can turn on “Prayer Times” notifications to keep your prayer on time. You can have prayer time notifications with Adhan sound, other default sounds or with silent mode. If you want to receive notification including daily hadith and dua, you need to turn on “Daily Notifications”, if you want to receive religious messages on Jummah, you need to turn on “Friday Notification”. The options are also available for those who do not wish to receive notifications.

Muslim Assistant is reaching more and more users every day and becoming one of the most preferred applications by Muslims. 

Muslim Assistant has a very simple and modernized design on user interface which is divided into 4 sections on the bottom: Main Screen, Qibla, Dhikr and Quran.

You can view daily and monthly prayer times from the cards in the main screen, read the Quran, watch the Kaaba live, use “Dhikr Counter”, find direction of Qibla, see nearby mosques and all these features of the application can be accessed quickly here via the editable cards. (You can edit this features from the Main Screen > Settings > General Settings > Card Settings options.) 

You can also use shortcuts as well to reach all features.

Qibla direction is found correctly from the map or compass in “Qibla Section”.

You can also enter your own special dhikrs and see them on your dhikr list. In the “Quran Section”, you can read surah and juz in Arabic, English and other languages. You can access “Arabic Mode”, “Night Mode”, “Pronunciation”, “Meaning” and “Download” options under the Settings menu. Before reading the Quran, you should download it as the app directs you, then you’ll be able to read the Quran offline!

In addition, from the main screen: You can reach to “Message Editor” (allows you to share religious and or your own text messages), “Jummah Messages”, “Calendar “(Hijri and Gregorian calendar shows special islamic months and days), “99 names of Allah”, “Duas”, “Ramadan Timetable(Imsakiyah)” and “Yasin” pages.

You can edit prayer times from Settings > Notification Settings > Prayer Times > Edit Prayer Times options for each time and set individual prayer time alarms. You can set up a reminder to call you at the prayer time or 10 minutes before with different sound options. In this menu, you can edit the prayer times (forward and backward up to 30 minutes). There is also an option under Settings>Prayer Time Calculation Settings for editing. Calculation method is set automatically according to your location, but Its possible to make changes on the method of your desire.

Muslim Assistant is free to use! You can access all the features mentioned above with the freemium. There is also a special version with subscription model that offers great features such as; ad-free use (in practice, ads are at the bottom, and also interstitial ads are shown), widgets (next prayer time, next Islamic event-special day, dhikr counter, nearby mosques, suhoor and iftar hours during Ramadan (also the remaining hours) and personalization (Qibla Compass Dial, Dhikr Button, all backgrounds in “Message Editor”). Yearly Premium version has 3 days free-trial option. During this period, you can cancel your subscription free of charge or you can continue with these options:  monthly, yearly and lifetime use.

Muslim Assistant Application Highlights

  • You do not have to install seperate applications under favour of Muslim Assistant, because features are all-in-one. And no need for an internet connection to see Qibla direction and prayer times.

  • If Automatic calculation is chosen, Prayer Times hours are updated every time the app is launched. So, no conflicts. Worldwide calculation methods are obeyed for each country. On the other hand, If you choose manual calculation, you should update your city-town information yourself.

  • You can set prayer alarms in Adhan sound or standard sounds provided. The snooze feature reminds you prayer time when you did not perform or you were busy.

  • You can read the Quran surah and juz, and read the surah of Yasin in Arabic, Turkish and other languages. And you can always continue reading where you are left of.

  • Hijri and Gregorian calendar are shown together in Muslim Assistant. You can quickly access important islamic special days and months.

  • Muslim Assistant provides useful widgets. You can reach quickly to the next “Prayer Time”, “Ramadan Timetable”, “Dhikr Counter”, “Nearby Mosques” from your home screen after subscribing.

  • Muslim Assistant is constantly updated, new features are added. There are many features on the plan and there’s a dedicated team of developers, marketers with the leadership of the company's manager and founder. Muslim Assistant never stops moving!


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