Pitch Competition

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  • Awtomart

    13 Oct 2018 Asif
    AwtoMart is an intelligent vehicle diagnostics and resolution platform that uses predictive analytics on realtime car data to pre-empt vehicle breakdown, alerts the driver for (non)critical issues,
  • Arone, drone delivery startup

    09 Oct 2018 https://techeconomy.ng/?p=9852
    Arone is solving the problem of lack of timely access to medicine, blood units, vaccine and basic health care in Sub-Saharan Africa by using autonomous drones to deliver vital medical supplies.
  • Airspace is leveraging blockchain for industrial applications, we assetize aircraft technical records thro blockchain enabling autonomous verifying and auditing of tech records saving millions of AED
  • AiPod

    30 Sep 2018 Patrice Coutard
    A full body check up with the AiPod in less than 7 minutes!
  • Augmental - Adaptive Learning

    04 Oct 2017 Augmental
    Augmental is an educational technology application initially targeting students where course material is adapted to each student’s learning abilities using artificial intelligence
  • Checkout Queues, is a key challange that grocery retailers face. 85% of shoppers usually complain about it. ALGO is an IOT device that enables shoppers to checkout without the need to stand in queues.
  • CLAP Research offers a natural language driven enterprise search platform named Voody. Voody correlates and index huge amounts of structured & unstructured data and answers user questions
  • Affairal - Fashion Shopping that's so personal

    25 Sep 2018 Govind Balakrishna Raju - Affairal Pitch 2018
    UBER for 1:1 Personalized Fashion Shopping experience in real time, Our Patented technology solves it by reducing 75% time spent & purchase returns online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7WsM4GlNMc
  • A9AXAA is AI powered Cognitive Platform with built-in ML, deep learning, predictive analytics, NLP, voice recognition & data mining capabilities to provide real time insights & immersive experience
  • AutoVRse

    19 Sep 2018
    At AutoVRse, we build VR/AR products for a wide array of industries.
  • ABES Lab offers a unique set of integrated blockchain solutions for modernization of business areas where Blockchain has the most value

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