Pitch Competition

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  • ESG Robo Sustainability Solutions

    10 Oct 2018 Sandeep Raghuwanshi
    Sustainable world requires sustainable companies. This requires transparency in operations. ESG Robo's mission is to increase companies producing sustainability reports multiple times.
  • Evno App

    15 Oct 2018 Think UP
    Marketplace platform to setup and manage events. At the same time allows you to explore events that Suit your interests .
  • Elmawkaa App

    20 Sep 2018 Ebrahem Anwar
    El Mawkaa is a platform which connects all construction industry stakeholders ٍin one place.
  • EcoSlips

    05 Sep 2018 EcoSlips Support
    EcoSlips is a digitisation service that converts paper slips from point-of-sale, ATMs, and other pay systems into digital, eco-friendly, slips that are sent to your mobile phone.

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