Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition

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  • Fitle is the world's most precise size-recommendation tool. Our unique algorithm, reassures & dresses e-shoppers perfectly on the first try, while also helping brands improve their supply chain.
  • Fawaterak, an online invoicing and payment platform that facilitate online payments between merchants and their clients through integrating local and global payment networks in one dashboard featured
  • Ful App is the first marketplace for housekeeping services in Palestine. It connects customers seeking help in cleaning with trustworthy female housekeepers on demand using an easy to use mobile app.
  • Farmin is a smart platform to continuously track farm's yield, updating regulators and farmers, connect them together, allowing responsive and immediate intervention, and monitoring
  • Furnwish

    28 Aug 2019
    Furnwish is a tech company creating tools and innovative solutions for the furniture industry using Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Play Video Games Have fun & Get Fit, Instead of Boring Workouts. Transforming fitness by making it more fun, social & interactive experience by fusing video game technology with exercise machines.
  • Fundbot is a market place specialized in supply chain factoring, targeted pricing, and cash flow optimization for SMEs in the MENA and the Gulf region.
  • Zero Waste Biotech is a climate change company developing products to help business reduce their impact on the environment by converting their waste into a resource.

    30 Sep 2019
    Fayvo is a useful social platform to share your favorites all organized in one place and discover the favorites of others to use as trustworthy recommendations!
  • Further Network

    12 Nov 2018
    Further Network enables Travel and Transportation Ecosystem to de-intermediate the industry by reforming transactions to real-time event-based settlements through Blockchain technologies.
  • Open Banking at work. FINQ is a cross border financial aggregation platform that solves the technological complexity of multiple APIs so that front-end innovators have a simple-to-integrate interfac
  • We are an iGaming Startup

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