Pitch Competition

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  • We want to turn what we do for fun to a business.. that’s why games market is the best for us! We can create games and sell them with 0$, but having some cash would step up our game :)
  • Heyraat online shop

    laila alsaadi
    Heyraat is a platform for individuals and entrepreneurs who work from their home offices and promote their products and services and have great skills and talents.
  • Hybrid AI API Platform

    01 Oct 2018 Accubits
    The Accubits Hybrid AI platform allows organizations to focus on their core competencies without having to invest heavily in computing capabilities and resources to develop AI for their businesses.
  • HalaPro - Largest EduTech Gamified Platform

    04 Oct 2018 Mohammed Al-Bitar
    HalaPro is a revolutionary and life-changing gamified platform aiming to improve people’s life, by providing the ability to the talents to independently work, tutor and train on their free time.
  • HeyDoc!

    04 Oct 2018 Ahmad Al-Hidiq
    HeyDoc! is a global and award winning health communications platform that connects patients, anywhere, with doctors, globally, for the purpose of non-urgent medical advisory.
  • Hypo Tour is a new Media in Virtual Tourism

    02 Oct 2018 Afra Smart House
    We’re expert in AR, VR & App Development. Our core idea is to develop content-based services for Virtual Tourism. We believe by mixing VR & Gamification with tourism, we can expand the market.
  • Hello Harold

    01 Mar 2017 Giovanni De Luca
    Hello Harold is your Classified Ads assistant that helps you optimise your second hand transactions and helps you choose a fair deal.
  • Healthigo's pitch for the Supernova Challenge in GITEX Future Stars 2018. Bringing disruption in the healthcare industry, Healthigo connects patients & care seekers to all stakeholders.
  • HiGuests Pitch in United Nations Travel Event

    30 Sep 2018 Miquel Manzanas
  • How Qlue connects the Government with Citizen?

    27 Sep 2018 Qlue Performa Indonesia
    Qlue is a tech startup which provides smart city solution for Government, Businesses and Citizen. We emphasize the implementation of Smart city in Indonesia and beyond.
  • We secure data by preventing breaches, espionage using real time quantum encryption technologies which are highly efficient than the existing RNG
  • Hysab Kytab is a mobile app which helps you manage your finances and live the lifestyle you want, while staying within your budget.

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