Pitch Competition

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    Arash Zarei
    Kalgram is a social media specially designed and meant to provide the great excitement of a stadium for soccer fans in their cell phones which includes the common features such as posting, following,
  • Khayati

    25 Sep 2018 Mohamed AlSeiari & Malik AlZubaidi
    Khayati is a Software-based company catered for tailor market.The company is also responsible for an e-commerce website, phone applications and marketing. The software is designed to manages any tail
  • Kuma "Find" recording and tracking device

    20 Sep 2018 Sharon Shabangu
    Kuma is a 3mm recording and and tracking device. It is a magnetic device that can be attached to earrings, hair pin, watch, waist belt, and etc. It concurrently records information and track location.
  • Kartii Digital Business Cards Solution

    19 Sep 2018 Firas Hammad
    Kartii is a mobile app and web site solution that replaces the traditional paper business cards

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