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  • Smart Safe Bus System

    12 Oct 2018
    This project was created to solve a local and a global issue related to the safety of kids in school buses. It has four safety features and we save kids
  • Regions's first and only regulated farctional real estate invetment platform allowing people to get on the property ladder for as little as AED 5,000
  • Solar Ultrasonic Desalination System

    01 Oct 2018 Mohammad Reza Sheikhi
    The Solar Ultrasonic Desalination System will explore novel technologies that use solar-thermal energy to assist in creating freshwater from otherwise unusable waters like seawater.
  • smartypot

    01 Oct 2018 hossein
    Smartypot provides smart flower pots that takes care of house plants. We aimed to bring nature into your life. We designed our products to achieve our goals through facilitating flower care.
  • The platform for every e-commerce and social commerce businesses that will help you increase sales by 60% and acquire 45% more customer faster.
  • Spike Diabetes Assistant

    14 Nov 2017 Ziad Alame
    Spike is an AI based app that seamlessly helps diabetics live better with diabetes by proactive insulin reminders, food suggestions and real-time sharing with doctors and caregivers.
  • Slidr

    30 Sep 2018 Slidr Ltd
    Slidr is a dynamic pricing technology that allows retailers to do price discrimination and therefore generate additional volumes of sale and margins while allowing their customers to buy products/serv
  • Sharp Vision

    25 Sep 2018 Fovea Technology
    A solution to the limited resolution of existing intelligent vision systems, by using an advanced hierarchical attention system. The invention title is "Sharp Vision"
  • Sympaticus

    25 Sep 2018 Joe Zaarour
    Sympaticus offers an exciting new method of delivering Mental & Emotional Fitness / Therapy using a mobile app.
  • "Doodle It" which is a mobile authoring tool service. Anyone can easily make E-contents(like audio book) using our service. All you need is just pick and place the part of contents.
  • SALOMI Safety Application

    21 Sep 2018 Muhammad Azeem Uddin
    SALOMI will Digitize field safety processes Online cloud and mobile applications to speed up inspection times, drive accountability among site staff, and minimize delays and risks with in-depth visual

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