Pitch Competition

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  • Stylumia is using cutting-edge advances in ML, AI and neural networking to help retailers and brands derisk their decisions by decoding what do their consumers' taste.
  • Smart Modular Furniture with Voice Command Item-locating System and Big Data Tech

    20 Sep 2018 International Federation of Investors' Association
    Electricity flows to every Module to work with a wide range of electronics. 'Voice Command System' locates items and collects 'Big Data' for 'Customized Assistant' and ‘Targeted Advertising' Services.
  • Mubarah is a social sport network that help football lovers to play there favorite sport in very easy way. With Mubarah you can challenge anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • SCENE: Social discovery platform & network for entertainment and city experiences!

    19 Sep 2018 Maria: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariagharaibeh/
    SCENE is a social discovery platform & network for entertainment and city experiences! Niche-focused and AI-powered B2B2C marketplace automating the process of discovery, planning & ticketing.

    19 Sep 2018 RASHED HAREB
    A Platform to connect customers with leading men salon’s across UAE . The only Reservation Application that uses AI Bot Technology to find the nearest Salons & make reservations on the Go.
  • Searfi Supernova Pitch Video

    18 Sep 2018 Stefanie & Amal
    Searfi Supernova Pitch Video explaining what Searfi is all about
  • Smart Airport Trolley Application

    14 Oct 2018 Chuma M. Goqwana
    Smart airport trolley solution designed to help airport commuters with real time indoor location, currency exchange and flight information.