Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition

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  • ViC IT is a cyber security business, that implements solutions from the perimeter of a network all the way through to application security and database monitoring.
  • Visitdesk

    30 Sep 2019
    Visitdesk is an Online Smart Visitor Management SaaS platform which allows the businesses to track and manage the daily visitors with ease and security.
  • A one stop Marketplace for high quality, ultra convenient PetCare at HOME.
  • Valoro

    01 Oct 2019
    Valoro, an online blockchain platform that allow business users with absolutely NO coding skills to create their own blockchain applications.
  • We are pioneers of microsatellite technology advancing the frontiers of space business, reimagining traditional ways of using space, and creating a society where everyone on our planet can make space
  • Vegberry Pitch

    22 Sep 2019
    Vegberry mission is to deliver the freshest food you can get without going to the farm yourself. Vegberry provides complete visibility of our products through Vegberry passports
  • Sufalam Technology is focused at revolutionizing Tourism sector by applying out of box innovations in traditional Travel & Tourism domain solutions.

    09 Oct 2019
    The ideal and the dream of any practitioner doctor is to do a medical diagnosis unerringly without hurting the patient, and in record time. This will be a breakthrough in the field of medecine.
  • Validactor

    06 Sep 2019
    Validactor delivers an integrated suite of tools and services aimed at improving customer-to-manufacturer interactions and validating product’s originality
  • Voxel+

    29 Aug 2019
    Voxel+ is an innovative 3D medical solutions company. Utilizing one of the fourth industrial revolution technologies, Additive manufacturing, which is known as “3D Printing”.
  • Orwell is a Milan based creative studio and full service VR /AR production company focused on developing video games, immersive experiences and interactive applications.
  • Visonarty

    30 Jul 2019
    Visonarty is an online platform that matches Talents with the world of arts and entertainments in connecting them directly to Opportunities by using an AI judging and recommendation system.

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