Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition

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  • We are specialising in IT support, Website development and design, Graphic Design, Branding, Networking, as well as developing Networking technology for users best possible experience.
  • We at webdesky serve E-commerce,B2B & B2C,Retail & Shopping, Travel & Transportation, Entertainment & Social Media, Real Estate, Dating, Healthcare & Fitness, E-Learning, On-Demand industries etc.
  • Wing Scooters

    02 Oct 2019
    Wing operates as a dockless electric scooter company developing a vehicle sharing platform. We stand for eliminating traffic collisions and air pollution.
  • Weelo

    08 Oct 2019
    Weelo is a digital AI supply chain solution. We are simplifying the relationship between buyers and suppliers to provide the largest variety of products in the market.
  • ProvenMed is an innovative medical device company with patented incontinence care products. We provide a range of personal, clinical and social benefits to the patients. Our aim is to restore patients
  • WideBot

    05 Oct 2018
    WideBot empowers businesses to build smart, AI-enabled chatbots that speak both formal and informal Middle Eastern languages. Our intelligent bots are spun up with zero lines of code in a few minutes.
  • Busforfun (BFF) is a Mobility Company that manages an online offering platform for the participation to cultural, musical and sports events in one solution.
  • ParkForFun is a marketplace to manage parking lot and area during great events. Its goal is to reduce traffic jam of - 30% and to increase incoming +50% targeting the useless traffic.
  • MOBILTECH is a start-up developing spatial information & technologies for self-driving. We are collecting 3D data with our 3D scanners, making HD maps, and developing localization & perception SW.
  • Kaligo is the first digital handwriting exercise book designed to teach students how to write using a stylus and tablet, built on an AI machine learning platform.
  • "Make Space Closer, For all of us, Together". A Japanese space start-up, we are the world-first man-made meteor shower company. We provide Data, Space entertainment and mitigate space debris.
  • Qubit Security is a professional information security company. We have been committed to researching and developing real-time detection on cloud platform ‘PLURA’ for the first time in the world.

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