Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition

  • Orwell is a Milan based creative studio and full service VR /AR production company focused on developing video games, immersive experiences and interactive applications.

    21 Aug 2019
    a Japanese government-related organization that promotes trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.
  • The BreathBalanz

    20 Aug 2019
    Breath In Balanz makes you healthier by improving your breathing pattern with a (real-time) feedback system.
  • mMedia Corporation Ltd
  • A purchase-with-purpose food app provides an opportunity for everyday diners to give back while availing discounts at restaurants. For every discounted meal ordered, a meal is shared with the hungry.
  • MoreApp is an intuitive and powerful platform which helps companies to digitise and optimise processes by capturing data.
  • We strongly believe that embracing Digital Transformation is the primary need of any business to stay in tandem with the perennial advancement. Hence, we deliver unveiling and demand-satisfying softw
  • Visonarty

    30 Jul 2019
    Visonarty is an online platform that matches Talents with the world of arts and entertainments in connecting them directly to Opportunities to make them more visible and to make money out of it.





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