Pitch Competition

  • Adohm AI based advertising

    11 Sep 2018 Adohm
    Adohm is an AI assistant that run and optimizes your online advertising campaigns with minimum human interference.
  • Dukkaani Smart Shopping

    11 Sep 2018 Dukkaani Smart Shopping
    A pan Arab smart shopping platform transforming Grocery Stores to sell online & relieve customers from the burden of maintaining & building the household shopping list & streamline Autonomous Ordering
  • mui / a calm iot technology

    10 Sep 2018 Kazunori Oki
    mui is an internet-of-things (IoT) interface device designed to bring a sense of nature and peace into today’s digital living.
  • Dhonor.org saving lives

    05 Aug 2018 Quanterium Blockchain Solutions FZ-LLC
    Dhonor.org applies Blockchain and AI technologies to create an infrastructure Healthcare and Humanitarian platform focused on Organ and Blood donation management
  • Microscope in your pocket

    07 Sep 2018 soichiro.ueno
    We made technology that enables anyone to use a microscope with a pocket size and take it anywhere. So you can use it anytime.
  • How to Create an Overperform ing Company

    28 Aug 2018 Yuzuru Tanaka
    What is an ever-growing company? I’ve founded many companies, made a lot of mistakes. I have seen one company once IPO-ed , but stopped growing, or a company with great business… but crushed. Why?
  • Trac, Algorithm for better QoL

    06 Sep 2018 primesap
    Trac can reduce risks diabetes, stroke and heart disease with our cutting edge A.I and IoT solution. PrimeSap Co., Ltd. will be newly established in Oct. 2018.
  • EcoSlips

    05 Sep 2018 EcoSlips Support
    EcoSlips is a digitisation service that converts paper slips from point-of-sale, ATMs, and other pay systems into digital, eco-friendly, slips that are sent to your mobile phone.
  • We propose a highly automated SaaS platform which allows SMEs to enter the web space fast and be part of help4u marketplace to widen their customer base.
  • Akeron AI Labs SuperNova Challenge

    03 Sep 2018 Akeron AI Labs Corp.
    Introducing our Machine Learning Cloud Platform that brings scale and efficiency to the modern day contact center.

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