Pitch Competition

  • Arone, drone delivery startup

    09 Oct 2018 https://techeconomy.ng/?p=9852
    Arone is solving the problem of lack of timely access to medicine, blood units, vaccine and basic health care in Sub-Saharan Africa by using autonomous drones to deliver vital medical supplies.
  • Regions's first and only regulated farctional real estate invetment platform allowing people to get on the property ladder for as little as AED 5,000
  • UnitX Supernova Video Submission

    07 Oct 2018 Kiran Narayanan
    UnitX provides Supercomputing as a Service. Customers can use our process as a service (PaaS) for pay-as-you-go compute, and use our business platform as a service (BPaaS) to get end-to-end service.
  • Retail Intelligent Technology

    07 Oct 2018 Christina Dills
    We are your tailored managed service for the future of In- Store Shopping. Ecosystem integrator using emerging technologies as AI IoT allowing retailers to ACCESS, ENGAGE, INFLUENCE the CONNECTE CONSU
  • Airspace is leveraging blockchain for industrial applications, we assetize aircraft technical records thro blockchain enabling autonomous verifying and auditing of tech records saving millions of AED
  • Labayh

    Basim Albeladi
    Labayh is an online solution to make counseling easier by connecting suffered individuals with psychologist. Users can get their therapy anywhere and anytime while they are anonymous by in-app messagi
  • Dafater

    07 Oct 2018 Saleh Almutairi
    Dafater is an integrate cloud based business management platform for SMEs. It offers its customers ERP, SCM, HRMS, MRP, BI, Archiving, SMS GW Connectivity, Workflow Engine and eCollections.
  • Cado Gifting App

    06 Oct 2018
    This video is about Cado
  • Hybrid AI API Platform

    01 Oct 2018 Accubits
    The Accubits Hybrid AI platform allows organizations to focus on their core competencies without having to invest heavily in computing capabilities and resources to develop AI for their businesses.
  • Mind AI

    05 Oct 2018 Mind AI
    Developing revolutionary artificial intelligence capable of true reasoning in natural language. The intelligence in artificial intelligence.
  • Mend offers solutions to mental health problems and giving people with determination better opportunities in life. We aim to start small by publishing 2 app, then opening a center within 5 years.

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