Pitch Competition

  • Solar Ultrasonic Desalination System

    01 Oct 2018 Mohammad Reza Sheikhi
    The Solar Ultrasonic Desalination System will explore novel technologies that use solar-thermal energy to assist in creating freshwater from otherwise unusable waters like seawater.
  • smartypot

    01 Oct 2018 hossein
    Smartypot provides smart flower pots that takes care of house plants. We aimed to bring nature into your life. We designed our products to achieve our goals through facilitating flower care.
  • Giving voice to 400 million Indians

    01 Oct 2018 Sreeraman
    Lack of local language content is holding people from making the best of Web; we are building one product at a time, ground up to address the language barrier and make technology useful for all
  • Paklean is an on-demand door-to-door online Laundry and dry cleaning service that makes you one tap away from cleaning your clothes.
  • Frome The Middle East with trends
  • Twistar Pitch Video

    01 Oct 2018 Nick Marshall
  • The region's first assessment based recruitment platform focused on the technology sector
  • PM CODE is a colored multi-layered code which can store 1MB data. The technology is already patented in different jurisdictions including US, EU, UK, France and Germany.
  • The platform for every e-commerce and social commerce businesses that will help you increase sales by 60% and acquire 45% more customer faster.
  • Wallex is a secure and user-friendly trading platform. Also, Wallex provides for businesses that want to trade with the world especially with Iran.

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