Pitch Competition

  • Mint Basil Market Pitch

    30 Sep 2018 Vanessa Zuabi
    Mint Basil Market is a one-stop shop for all your health product needs ranging from food, cosmetics to household cleaning products delivered to your door.
  • Spike Diabetes Assistant

    14 Nov 2017 Ziad Alame
    Spike is an AI based app that seamlessly helps diabetics live better with diabetes by proactive insulin reminders, food suggestions and real-time sharing with doctors and caregivers.
  • Vitamid

    30 Sep 2018 Mahdis Tabe Emam
    Vitamid is a treatment method for health improvement using VR and AR technologies, which gives motivation, hope, and joy by interactive video games to the users, as well as helping them to improve.
  • TeensWhoCode

    30 Sep 2018 Nour Atrissi
    TeensWhoCode is an ed-tech company enabling schools to integrate computer science in the curriculum.
  • Zoop Telehealth

    30 Sep 2018 Pedram Soltani
  • Nabta is a next-generation healthcare provider for women, combining traditional methods of care with the latest technologies. Nabta Cycle (old name: Nabta Fertility) is our flagship product.
  • NEXO is a web and mobile marketplace for local services. We help customers hire trusted and experienced professionals for all their service needs.
  • Personafier GFS Pitch

    30 Sep 2018 Ihab Salha
  • Hello Harold

    01 Mar 2017 Giovanni De Luca
    Hello Harold is your Classified Ads assistant that helps you optimise your second hand transactions and helps you choose a fair deal.
  • AiPod

    30 Sep 2018 Patrice Coutard
    A full body check up with the AiPod in less than 7 minutes!
  • Crowd Powered Pitch

    30 Sep 2018 Crowd Powered
    Crowd Powered allows business and homeowners to get solar power, at the best possible technical and financial terms. We offer them a one-stop shop platform to design, finance and build solar systems.

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