Pitch Competition

  • Blueride.co to showcase their latest real-time convenient, safe & smart dismissal solution for schools at GITEX Technology Week Dubai 2018

    Arash Zarei
    Kalgram is a social media specially designed and meant to provide the great excitement of a stadium for soccer fans in their cell phones which includes the common features such as posting, following,
  • Healthigo's pitch for the Supernova Challenge in GITEX Future Stars 2018. Bringing disruption in the healthcare industry, Healthigo connects patients & care seekers to all stakeholders.
  • Thrive is a Proactive Health Platform, starting by making it easy to find and book the right doctor, followed by spreading valid knowledge helping people take proactive actions.
  • BlocRecs Pitch Video

    30 Sep 2018
    BlocRecs is a blockchain-powered platform that automates the process of university degree validation. We help universities and HR save time and money while eliminating any chance of degree fraud.
  • Labiba For Artificial Intelligence

    03 Jun 2018 Lina Madadha
    An artificial intelligence company specialized in building virtual agents & conversational experiences with native Arabic understanding that can interact in a human-like manner with customers
  • Slidr

    30 Sep 2018 Slidr Ltd
    Slidr is a dynamic pricing technology that allows retailers to do price discrimination and therefore generate additional volumes of sale and margins while allowing their customers to buy products/serv
  • LynkApp Channels - Evolution of chat

    30 Sep 2018 Ziyad Nour
    LynkApp Channels provides a set of special chat communication tools (e.g. segmented broadcast, customized forms … etc.) to facilitate the communication between organizations and mass people.
  • the Little Cat

    14 Oct 2018
    IoT products to prevent obesity in your companion animals
  • BeamBot

    30 Sep 2018
    Smart addition to a green warehouse
  • Augmental - Adaptive Learning

    04 Oct 2017 Augmental
    Augmental is an educational technology application initially targeting students where course material is adapted to each student’s learning abilities using artificial intelligence

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