Press Releases and News Stories

Press Releases and News Stories

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  • How SME ‘Scale-Ups’ Can Boost Growth in UAE

    16 Dec 2018 Mahmoud Makki & Reem Goussous
    The public and private sectors in the UAE have been working hard to encourage the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Yet, most SMEs often fail to grow into large-scale businesses. T ...
  • Tanzanian startup tanzDevs is on a mission to revolutionise the country’s education sector through visual learning, which it says is the best methodology for educating young people.

  • As time passes and generations age, wants and needs evolve, and target markets shift. This means that leaders across all industries have to adapt to changing clientele and mobile app design is certainly no exception. 

  • In a globalized economy, a region represents a critical mass for presenting a model of innovation at all levels and domains including health, education, energy, transport, green technology, and services.  The resilience and sustainability of the federal system in the US and the EU (which was initiated as a community of coal and steel) was founded on the ethos of common destiny and future for prosperity, economic integration and peace.

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