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  • Sector gaining momentum as more firms open, offering the latest solutions and services
  • Why AI holds the key to cyber security this year

    01 Jan 2019 By Naushad K. Cherrayil Staff Reporter | Gulf News
    Dubai: Hackers and security solutions providers are expected to deepen their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities this year in a bid to see who wins the fight. Hackers will automate attacks using ...
  • Owners and CEOs must appreciate the massive value of brand resonance among customers. One of the biggest challenges in strategy consultancy is closing the gap between executive focus on customer centr ...
  • Japan-based multinational electronics company Panasonic recently revealed a series of innovative concepts for the next 100 years, some that could hold immense potential to assist the UAE on its march ...
  • One of the virtues which are highly regarded in the startup ecosystem is innovation and creativity. Everyone looks up to original thinkers and we want our students to come up with brilliant new ideas so that they can translate them into successful businesses.


    Even our PM exhorts our youth to “think out of the box.” Yes, this is a cool aspiration, which is why Steve Jobs is an icon who continues to inspire the next generation. These are the success stories which we talk about in our classrooms and this is why books which teach you how to be more creative sell like hot cakes on Amazon.

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