Press Releases and News Stories

Press Releases and News Stories

  • More than just being big brands - Reddit, Sherpa, LEGO have made a name for themselves in the global disruption category. And now they’re sending their top tech & marketing reps to tell you how at this year’s GITEX Future Stars conference
  • Nature meets nurture: Zeopi

    04 Jul 2018 Rushika Bhatia
    Ask technologists what the future of healthcare will look like and they will show you the most advanced bionic limbs. Ask astrophysicists what the future of space exploration will look like and they will tell you the story of Space X. Ask the young scientists out of UAE University what the future of Nano-technology holds and they will present to you Zeopi
  • PwC Middle East has done all the number-crunching research and released a report stating that AI will contribute nearly 11% of the Middle East GDP by 2030 – adding a hefty $320 billion to the economy. And with the UAE piloting a range of AI initiatives, it’s no surprise that the maximum gains are likely to be seen here - AI expected to bring in almost 14% of the nation’s GDP. 

  • After shining in #FUTURISM Challenge, Doorie dazzles with Hat-Trick. Hollywood has scripted out a bleak future based on Artificial Intelligence, but of course the reality is - it’s far from the prophe ...
  • Record-breaking startup funding sets the pace for the future. Last year was a phenomenal year for MENA startups. Buoyed by the acquisition of Souq by Amazon and the regional dominance of Careem, the g ...
  • In the 2016 edition of our startup pitch competition, Param Labs was was shortlisted to make it to the next round. So it’s no wonder that this year, they swept away the audiences to score some success ...
  • A Polish-Swedish startup, Skriware, showcased its brand new home and school-suited 3D printing ecosystem that enables you to design, develop and program 3D-printed robots effortlessly. In fact, Skriwa ...
  • At GITEX Future Stars, Saudi-based startup Sadeem won USD$100,000 for Best Global Startup. A wireless platform, Sadeem is the world’s first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks to save lives and money in realtime.
    • Initiative aims to support up-and-coming talent in partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai, Fintech Hive at DIFC and Etisalat Digital
    • Accenture awarding an all-expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley to recognizes startups with the best solution-based technological ideas
  • As the MENA region reports an astronomical 560% year on year increase in investment in start-ups in 2016 , Dubai gets set to host over 250 of the world’s leading angel investors and venture capitalists looking for the next big opportunity at GITEX Future Stars

  • Startups are appearing on the tech scene almost every day. This is good news because it shows that quite a number of people have embraced the internet as a means of transacting business.

  • Tanzanian startup tanzDevs is on a mission to revolutionise the country’s education sector through visual learning, which it says is the best methodology for educating young people.

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