Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse

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  • Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse
  • Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse
  • Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse
Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse Pure Harvest High-Tech Greenhouse

The technologies being utilized in our high tech greenhouses and planned vertical farms differ dramatically from the existing growing systems used by growers in the GCC region. First and foremost, our greenhouses feature an overpressure climate control system which not only serves to maintain the most optimal growing conditions for our plants but it also keeps insects and diseases from breaching the growing area as air escapes from the rooftop vents at a pressure. In addition, our greenhouses integrate a mechanical cooling system which is necessary to cool the greenhouse during the hot and humid summer nights. To maximize yields (per square meter), we also inject carbon dioxide into the greenhouse which stimulates the photosynthesis process. There are also numerous other innovations including advanced hydroponic irrigation systems which reuse 100 percent of excess water and also Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as sensors and advanced data analytics that provide our growers information to better control the climate that the plant is experiencing and to provide optimal nutrition.

All of these innovations serve to not only enable our farms to produce fresh fruits and vegetables more efficiently and reliably, but they also lead to dramatic quality improvements as well. Since our greenhouses are effectively ‘closed’ from the outside environment, we typically do not require as much (if at all) pesticide use which guarantees food safety for our product. Also, given our climate control systems, we are able to cultivate more flavorful varieties of crops since many of the traditional farms need to optimize for heat resistance (in seed selection) instead of flavor profile.

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