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Random Futures Random Futures Random Futures

Random Futures is a card game for businesses that facilitates thinking about future possibilities and helps create new strategies that will allow you to lead the future.

Use drivers of change, new society beliefs, technological advancements, economic models and environmental and political issues to add structure to brainstorming and how you generate ideas.

Engage your team in this playful activity to explore emerging opportunities and provide the necessary space to create random synergies and conversations around global challenges or those specific to your industry or sector.

Our Random Futures game allows you to dive deeper. 

Why a game for Futures Thinking?

Easy. Above anything else, humans like to play. Team meetings to create ideas, brainstorm and innovate can be a little dull. You don’t need sticky notes to make things happen.

We are a Futures Anticipation and Strategic Foresight consultancy and we have been developing the game mechanics for Random Futures over the last five years throughout many different workshops with global customers.

A game makes something complex more fun, interactive and conversational.


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