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Reine Abbas CEO of Spica Tech, is a mother, entrepreneur, university lecturer, and the founder of Spica Tech, an academy that teaches kids and teens how to design and produce video games.

Although the academy’s head office is located in Beirut Digital District, Abbas noted that it’s a mobile academy that caters to the needs of students all around Lebanon.

“The kids in the MENA region are the biggest digital consumers in the world,” Abbas told Annahar. “Thus, I thought it’s time for us to stop being digital consumers, but to also become digital producers.”

The academy hosts a number of children from different backgrounds including kids with disabilities and refugees. The coursework content is designed differently to accommodate to the different needs of students.

“When you give kids and teens the knowledge to create their own product, you are creating a powerful state of mind that can shift any mountain in any society,” she said. “We are creating a path for a resilient, creative generation because we are using project-based learning.”

Spica Tech empowers children to create a full product and publish their game online through teaching and giving them the necessary tools. Abbas explained that by allowing children to share their game with the world, they are given a sense of responsibility on what they present.

Aside from learning game design, coding, art, testing, publishing, and marketing, children get exposed to critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

They also learn entrepreneurship, production, and management skills. Therefore, before even stepping into the real world, they would have already acquired the necessary skills needed to do anything.

Up until this day, the academy has assisted over 500 students in creating an online game from scratch.

“The future is not somewhere we head to; it’s somewhere we create. In today’s fast-paced and high-tech world, mothers often complain that their kids are spending most of their time online,” Abbas said while confirming her statement and adding, “I’ve created a space for their kids to spend their time online in a useful manner.”

As a woman, Abbas admitted that she had to put twice the effort in order to get her work noticed, but “so what?”, she asked, “we can definitely do that.”

“You can be a mom, a boss, and an entrepreneur at the same time,” she added.

In 2014 and 2015, she was selected as one of The World’s Most Powerful Arab Women for her exceptional work in tech in the region.

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